Why Diamonds are a Good Investment

A diamond is more than letters and numbers. If I gave you all the dimensions of a woman, could you tell me if she is beautiful? NO! The same is with a diamond. Hopefully this will help your customer realize they need to look for beauty, not paper.

  • Diamonds are the most concentrated form of storing wealth.
  • They offer financial privacy not available elsewhere. Unlike other financial investments, a diamond investor has 100% direct ownership of a portable tangible asset of proven value.
  • Since 1934, Diamond prices have increased more than inflation.
  • Diamonds retain their value despite a down economy.
  • There is a universal belief that diamonds have enduring value.
  • Diamonds do not incur property taxes or incur liability insurance.
  • Unlike commodities and other investments, diamonds are insulated from the daily fluctuations of the markets and are not as likely to reflect sharp price changes.
  • There is an international demand for diamonds.
  • Diamonds do not wear over time. Cars rust, furniture wears, flowers wilt, but diamonds truly do retain value.
  • Diamonds are rare. Value grows as the diamond supply decreases.