Joel and Avi started Olympian in 1991 out of an office measuring about 15 feet by 6 feet, not counting the doorway. We had a fax machine, an old safe the size of a washing machine, shuttered windows facing the other side of the building, and we were good to go. As we grew over the years, we never forgot our humble beginnings and how much our customers means to us. We answered our own phones then, and we still personally take care of our phone calls (and emails, Facebook messages…) now.

In 1995, we moved to our present location facing Lake Michigan and have had a bird’s eye view as the lakefront has become a treasure, and Olympian has established its reputation for personal service, great values, and sensitivity to our customer’s needs. 1997 was a busy year when we annexed the office next door (and computerized!) to set the stage for growth that has continued until today.

For Olympian, the new Millennium was pivotal. In 2001, we were joined by Aleah Siegel Arundale. Aleah had just graduated with honors from Loyola University, but fortunately for Olympian (and our industry), she followed her calling going back five generations as scion of a Michigan jewelry family. Selling diamonds on the road taught her endless jewelry selling tips which she shares in a 12,000 member strong (and extremely loved) weekly newsletter. Aleah’s creativity and dedication to retail jewelers is truly legendary. She is a regular contributor to every major jewelry magazine and her endless love of retail jewelers led her to create the largest group of retail jewelers in America: a Facebook group called “Jewelers Helping Jewelers” which connects 15,000 jewelers in real time, 24/7. Aleah’s husband is a patent attorney who enjoys camping out and craft beer, when he is not helping keep up with their young son and daughter.

Joel Jacobson

Joel is a native Chicagoan, and his uncle was actually a pioneering member of the diamond Bourse in Israel. Joel studied mechanical engineering and earned an MBA in Chicago and began his career working in the aircraft and nuclear power industries before embarking on his path as a diamond dealer. His engineering background gives him a deep appreciation of the geometry of diamonds, and his MBA helps ensure that our jeweler’s financial interests are always kept foremost in all Olympian decisions. Joel’s wife is an artist and graphic designer who looks after their four sons, two daughters and grandkids with great flair.

Avi Malotek

Avi was also born in Chicago. He is a man whose loyalty is unwavering, as attested by his lifelong love of the White Sox. He graduated college with a specialty in political science, and remains a voracious reader of books about history and politics- which makes him fun to talk to and also means he knows something about and is interested in every locale he talks to. Avi worked in retail sales before joining the diamond industry, where he honed his commitment to customer service as the defining value of a successful business, and the defining value of Olympian Diamonds. Avi’s wife is an attorney who currently specializes in family: specifically their twin sons and two daughters.

Aleah Arundale

Aleah Arundale is a 3rd generation GIA Graduate Gemologist, a 5th generation jeweler turned loose diamond wholesaler and the founder of the immensely popular Jewelers Helping Jewelers Facebook page. Selling diamonds on the road lets her share great ideas from hundreds of different jewelers from all over the country. Sign up for her Jewelry Sales Tips Newsletter by e-mailing her at or calling 800-882-8900. “We are all in this jewelry business together, let’s help each other!”

So what does it take to make a great diamond company?

There may not be a definite recipe, but we think it helps that members of Olympian have many interests. Call us and you may be speaking to someone who: Brews his own beer; DJ’s in his spare time; Completed a University Honors program in dance (ballet, modern, jazz, tap. And she also enjoys singing and acting!); Papercuts in his spare time; Enjoys soccer when he is not boxing!; Is an interior design student, who also enjoys cooking and travel; Enjoys ultimate Frisbee; Cares for her friend’s dogs; Is a pastry chef; Raises chickens in a Chicago back yard; Guy who bakes and incredible sour dough bread…